Inktober 2019 Adventure

Posted by J. Mabon on November 13, 2019 · 10 mins read

During october 2019 I tried following a set of prompts, one drawing a day to build a lille story/adventure. Here it is:

All of them !
1-The adventurer: Among the rocks of the great red rocky desert EK was looking for wavy space stuff with her antenna.
2-Her companion: Ek's companion, Och, was a rock - Somehow few rocks and other stuff had gained consciousness. That was annoying at first but people got used to it.antenna.
3-Home: They had built their home on an old pylon. From up there you could see even more red rocks than down below. This was also a great place for more antennas to scan for wavy space stuff.
4-food: It was time for the usual best meal of all : NOODLEs, with eggs, scallions and stuff !
5-family: Ek’s brother Pok quite enjoyed this barren planet, no unwanted space-tv sales-person solicitor could reach him there. He used to relax in his bathtub on the deck of their pylon.
6-secret: One day as Ek & Och were minding their own daily great red rocky desert adventures, they stumbled upon the wreckage of an old spaceship. It seemed like some lots of useful space stuff could be salvaged.
7-helper: Living on a desert planet gives you time to learn stuff - stuff like breaking and fixing coffee machines. A spaceship could be considered as a big flying coffee machine of some sort.
8-Leaving: Once the ~~coffee machine~~ space ship was fixed, it was time for Ek and Och to take off. Pok chose to stay for he had another coffee machine to fix.
9-Bag: The two packed the necessary adventure stuff: a Bedroll, some repair tools, duct tape, a 10,45m rope, a radio receiver thingamajig, spare clothes, and some cheese.
10-Forest: As Ek and Och were flying through a bunch of asteroids, they thought to themselves that they had gone a long way just to see more rocks. These rocks were less reddish though.
11-Creatures: Amongst the non-reddish rocks, some pirates were carefully scraping a ship’s wreckage. Ek and Och flew past them as they did not even notice. Also they were quite bored of these lifeless rocks.
12-Bump into someone: Suddenly a huge ship went crashing through the asteroids in front of Ek and Och. This massive automated administrative ship was transporting some space-paperwork and did not mind anything on its way.
13-Cabin in the woods: After a long flight through the non-red lifeless boring rocks, Ek and Och stumbled upon an old space-diner. It was a good thing because they were hungry. Sadly they noticed as they approached that it was abandoned.
14-Sitting ‘round the fire: As the abandoned dinner did not serve food anymore, Ek and Och brought their heater and pan to cook some food, warm themselves and - most importantly - eat cheese.
15-Mysterious omen: Ek found an old leaflet on one of the dusty tables. It presented some shiny temple on a planet not that far away. That would be less boring than space-rocks.
16-Old Ruins: It turned out that the flyer was as old as the temple was. So old that the building was more rubble than temple. Anyway, that would be less boring than space-rocks.
17-Attack: It’s a trap ! The pirates had been following them since panel 11 ! It was time for a fight.
18-Loot: The pirates were not too hard to scare off, one of them somehow left its gear while running away. Among it Och found a brand new glowing powercell. This was a useful thing to power radios, coffee machines or recursive auto-wobblers.
19-Pitfall: The attack was a diversion : while the two pirates were fighting, their nasty colleagues were grabbing Ek and Och’s ship! Ek could only watch them leaving with their now damaged ship and most of their stuff - even their precious cheese.
20-Rain: Ek and Och managed to build a tent from the few items they had left. They seemed to be stuck here and were quite sad to have lost their new ship and tasty cheese (that was still waiting for them in the ship).
21-Hope: The next day, as Ek and Och were searching for anything that could help them out of this cheese-barren place, they stumbled upon a big metal door with a sign saying “Galbürkkh”. That could roughly translate to “spaceship hangar” or “shoebox”
22-Artifact: Once the door opened, a long corridor lead Ek and Och to a “dead” robot. “Dead” was a strong word for a machine that simply ran out of battery, but after all that’s what it looked like.
23-Summoning: Hopefully the powercell Och salvaged from the pirates was compatible with the USB-Z-9001 protocol and thus could be connected to the robot. The robot was quite happy about that, for being out of battery is quite boring.
24-Armor: Once the robot had heard about Ek and Och’s adventures, he thought to himself that he would like some of that cheese too. He promised them a brand new ship in exchange for a piece of the delicious thing.
25-Ability: It appeared that the robot’s memory was quite outdated. The promised ship had indeed been replaced by an old piece of junk. Hopefully the piece of junk was still able to fly.
26-Team Up: Once the space-junk-ship was running, Ek, Och and the robot devised a 4 step plan to recover the cheese. 1- take-off, 2- shoot the pirates 3- recover the cheese 4- cheese party
27-Wounded: As this story needs not to be too long since the illustrator is lazy, things went exactly as planned : they took off, the pirate ship was shot.
28-All is lost: Once their ship was shot, the pirates were quite embarrassed since the only thing they could do now was drifting aimlessly through space until someone finds them. Hopefully they had packed some board games.
29-Pick up the pieces: The robot was chosen to go fetch the cheese : it was indeed the critical part of the plan, needing uttermost care and precision and also, robots happened to not have the need to breathe (still they are able to enjoy food).
30-Final battle: The last step of the plan did not go as planned: they did not plan who was to get the first piece of cheese. They could have fought to death, but they rather decided to do a rock-paper-scissors to pick the winner.
31-Return Home: Their belly full of tasty dairy product, Och, Ek, and the robot set sail back home to tell their funny adventure.